Nugget and Beauty’s House of Feathers

Coop: Chicken Pi or Nugget and Beauty’s House of Feathers

Address: 314 Stanford Avenue, Palo Alto, CA, 94306


A magnetic door connects the chicken coop to the chicken run, home to five birds.  Note the devious use of yogurt tubs to keep the chickens in an appropriate place on the roost. The coop design was based on the Wichita Cabin Coop as seen at Randolph Tsien’s coop on the 2015(?) Tour de Coop.  (Thank you Randolph)

The home associated with the coop, (PGH) will also be open for touring. PGH is one of the nation’s most energy/water efficient homes and is rated Beyond Platinum LEED, Net Zero Energy and Passive House.  You too can pee in the ultra-low flow urine diverting Swedish toilets! See for more details.

In addition, we will have an electric vehicle (EV) ride and drive with a number of different EVs (Leafs, Fiats, e-Golf, Tesla Model S, X & 3) If you gotta drive, make it electric:  more convenient, cheaper, better for the planet and way, way more fun!)

Finally, if the children are up to it, we may even be serving pancakes




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