The Gnome Home


Our coop was put in 2 years ago after our 4H purchase of 3 Americaunas who all laid a different hue of blue/green eggs. Pippi fed a raccoon last year, however, Sonica the Hedge Chicken and Mariposa are still laying but production has slowed to an egg every other day and have been joined by 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 unknown breeds. The 4 new girls are still unnamed as we are still working out personalities and are still too young to lay but sure have packed on the pounds these last few weeks so who knows? The coop itself is just for sleeping, eating, and egg laying as the hens are all free range. Their diet consists of organic layer feed, scratch, meal worms, yogurt, and any left overs that are grain based, their favorite being oatmeal!


My hubby is a landscaper and likes to practice his organic, lawn-free, native planting approach on our property so feel free to ask landscaping/coop/gardening questions as they come up. Most of the landscaping was done using recycled and found objects from the community, for example all the urbanite you see on the property was from a neighbors driveway.


We will be giving away seeds form the summer, marigolds, carrots, lettuce, chard, sunflowers, nasturtiums, and some others. I will also have some light refreshments made from friends canning efforts!

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