The Homesteaders 4-H Chicken Project

Description:  The Homesteaders chicken coops are located at the 4-H ranch along with vegetable gardens, bee hives, a rabbitry, and a barn.
Unique: Our ranch is unique in that it is run by the youth, for the youth! The Homesteader’s farm is the last working farm in Santa Clara. It serves roughly 600 youth per year, giving tours to the local schools and holding open houses. The ranch features a large organic garden and compost, a bee project with 4 hives, many chicken coops, market turkeys, sheep, goats, and a rabbitry all tended for by the youth members.
For more information about this 4H program for your kids, check out their website at:
Providing: The Homesteaders will be providing water and lemonade to tourist.
4hcoop2 4hcoop3
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