The Shibley Avenue Sewing Club

Coop: The Shibley Avenue Sewing Club

Address:  2266 Shibley Ave, San Jose CA

The Sewing Club is a flock of chickens named after my grandmother and her girlfriends who lived on this block and throughout the neighborhood in the 1950’s. We have 3 distinct coops, all with very different styles that have evolved with our flock. Since 2016 we have created an efficient system of feed, water and protection for our free range flock. We work full time so low maintenance has made chicken keeping much more enjoyable and stress free. We love to share our experience if you are new to chicken keeping or just want to look around.

The Sewing Club is nestled in the heart of Willow Glen with a few fruit trees going back four generations. We have been keeping chickens since 2016 and have successfully integrated new girls to our flock each year. We’ve created a working system where dogs, chickens and a healthy garden can share the same yard and sometimes the same space. Time in our backyard is well spent 12 months a year and we try to create a little slice of heaven in the Valley of Heart’s Delight.
Additional coop stop info:
Coop Stop signs should be visible from the street. Enter from the gate to the right of the house. We will have light snacks of doughnut holes, coffee and water.  Maybe some fresh rustic bread as a snack in the afternoon. Chairs and water available. We don’t have baby chicks right now, but we will set up our brooder and chicken tractor for reference. Chairs and grass bike parking will be available. New satin silkies and silkie showgirls born January 2022 are ready to make their Tour de Coop debut!



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