The Shibley Avenue Sewing Club

Coop: The Shibley Avenue Sewing Club

Address:  2266 Shibley Ave, San Jose CA


The Shibley Avenue Sewing Club Long ago, just after WWII, this house was built for and purchased by my grandparents Vern and Bea. There was a group of ladies that met for sewing club along this street for years in the 1950’s. The ladies would share hosting duties providing coffee, chatter, gossip, maybe a casserole and a little sewing every Wednesday. Naturally, when I got into chicken keeping almost 3 years ago I instantly knew there must be a symbolic nod to this block and the greatest generation. My chickens, past and present, are named after my grandmother (nicknamed Bunny) and her girlfriends. Each with their own personality and place in the pecking order. A few always seem to have something to announce in the morning. They bicker, disagree, share good food and company, look out for each other and grieve when one departs the flock. What started out as a rustic coop from Northern California has turned into 3 coops and a happy flock of various breeds. A labor of love by the house handyman and builder, Matt, and strong advice from the person with ideas, me (Tiffany). We are a work in progress as coop #3 is in the final stages. Through trial and error I think we’ve come up with a functional system with a treadle feeder and nipple water drinker for minimal upkeep for working folks like us. The chicken tractor will be out as an example of successful integration into an existing flock. We are always looking for new ideas. We are 4 houses from Curtner with a good shady spot to park your bike on the front lawn. We will have some fresh iced tea, cold watermelon, and baked goodies. Our chickens free range in the backyard during the day so watch your step. Enjoy the tour and come say hi!






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