Tom Bartons Farm

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I came home one afternoon and told my Dad, “I’m going to teach you how to build something Cheap and Nasty” He said, “What??” Dad spent his life building custom homes he designed, when he first got his contractors licesne he had a home made sign that said, “Barton Built Bomb shelters” Everything he built was BULLET PROOF, and took a LONG time. Dad had talked about having chickens for years BUT.. nothing came of it…. I wanted to just build a little thing we could drag around from place to place just to get us started… Dad now has a fenced yard for his chicks. They give Dad a reason to get up in the morning, a purpose in life, (it is a BIG job to care for these birds), driving to the veggie stand to get fresh greens and fruit for them, cleaning up after them….When I bought the first chickens home he said, “Now we are a farm”


Dad has a wooden holder with a nail coming out of it to put the corn and other veggies on so the chickens don’t have to chase it around. Dad and I disagree on this, I think they may hurt themselves on it BUT it is his chickens for him to raise the way he wants. We call our homestead Little Tijuana….. Bring the kids, there is a hammock for a rest a tire horse swing to ride and a punching bag to get your frustrations out on. Dad LOVES company, especially after his wife of 63 years died 2 years ago, come make friends with him… He comes across as a crabby old man but his bite is worse then his bite. I’m going back to my home in November so he will need more company after I’m gone. He loves to give away his produce (good excuse to stop in and visit )


Dad has custom built bird houses for sale. We will also offer cold lemon & mint water and for $10 you can pick your own pumpkin.

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