Tour De Coop 2020 Golden Ticket

Here is your golden ticket to the

Silicon Valley Virtual

Tour De Coop 2020!

This year we won’t be sending you around on a fun bike ride visiting back yard coops but instead, we are getting you some special back yard passes to see virtually some of the 2020 Tour De Coop – coop stops on line.

We encourage you get to still out on your bike and give a few good loud “chicken clucks” to those you pass and just imagine a coop in your future!  Life will seem better!  Maybe this is the year to build your own coop!


As more coops add their videos here, we will update this page so please come back after Saturday May 16th to see more videos!  We hope to be back next May 2021 SV Tour De Coop with real clucking fun with our feathered friends and on bikes.

Clucks all around,

SV Tour De Coop Organizers

Coop Stop #1

Coop Stop Name: Clorofil Micro-Sanctuary

City: Los Altos



Coop Stop #2

Coop Stop Name: The Chick Inn

Come enjoy a virtual visit to The Chick-Inn, and meet our five hens – Starla, Marla, Delilah, Olivia and Princess Yum Yum. Our coop is located in Mountain View and was made of “up-cycled” materials. 

City: Los Altos



The coop owner loves chicken-humor. One of her favorite products is this chicken tea towel. To view / purchase, click below.


Coop Stop #3

Coop Stop Name: Vanderlip Farm

Description: A video showing the coops and various gardens and hacks to let them harvest some of their bounty rather than simply feeding the local squirrels.   Some inspiring ideas for local community farm stands too.

City: Los Altos Hills, CA





Coop Stop:  The Ettus Coop

Description: Meet our chickens and see how our family built the coop from the ground up with reclaimed redwood siding, diy feeders a whole watering system and more. It all started with 5 baby chicks, now there are 7 lovely pampered hens!

City: Monte Serno, CA




Coop stop: The Cambell’s Urban Homestead

Description: Neighbors love to walk by and see our overgrown wild yard with garden beds and buzzing bees.  Our chickens live out back however, so here’s a sneak preview for coop tourist only!

City: Redwood City




Coop Stop:  Redwood Estates Coop

City: Los Gatos



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