Tour De Coop Word Challenge

Socialize and connect with other coopsters and share special coop words and Win a $50 Peets Coffee card in the Tour De Coop Word Challenge! The more networking you do at the coop stops, the better your chances are for winning!

Contest Rules:  At each coop stop, a sign will display that coop’s single challenge word.  Your goal is to gather those words and enter those words into an Internet google search  and find the website page that contains those words. Even 5 or 6 coop words could narrow down the search to the correct page/website.

To increase your chances and to network with other coop tourists on the tour, we ENCOURAGE sharing of “coop words” with other tourists you meet on the tour who have visited other coops.  We have included a Coop Tour word-website search worksheet to help organize your challenge words.

Click here to download your coop word challenge worksheet (PDF)

Once you have found a website page that contains those words, send your website guess to with your name, and your contact information. with subject line of Word Challenge.

All entries must be emailed by 11:59 PM Wednesday September 24th.

We will select a single winner from those who submit a correct entry and award one lucky winner with a $50 Peets Coffee card.


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