Tuck’s Clucks

Coop: Tuck’s Clucks

Address:  13220 Robleda Road
Los Altos, Hills, CA


“When Tucker was in Kindergarten,” his mother, Morgan, says, “he fell in love with the science program at Lower Campus.” His innate interest in animals was fueled by what he learned in Ms. Terri’s class about the ecosystem and how plants and animals work together in harmony to sustain life. On Tucker’s sixth birthday and with a trip to LegoLand on the horizon, he approached his parents and told them that he’d rather start a chicken coop than go on the trip. Naturally, Tucker’s parents leapt at the opportunity to support his goal. At school, Tucker found the guidance and support he needed to succeed. Morgan says, “in theater class, he learned to articulate his interests and present them with passion. In science, he learned about the ecosystem and the vital role that animals and plants play together to work in harmony.”

From the start, Tucker was involved in every aspect of researching, planning for, and building his chicken coop, and has since added a garden in which to grow feed for his chickens, as well. Morgan says, “he now not only understands the life cycles of the animals but also the care required in raising food for them (whether it’s fresh mint in his garden next to the coop or worms sent home by Ms. Terri).”

After starting his successful coop, Tucker founded “Tuck’s Clucks,” his own small business selling fresh eggs to neighbors in his community. Tucker’s inspiring story was recently featured in a Telegraph article about Silicon Valley residents returning to the land (read article here).





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