Valley Christian Junior High Coop

Address: 100 Skyway Drive, San Jose, CA, 95111


We have an Aggie Club on the Junior High campus that is responsible for
the care of our 6 chickens.  We have 3 breeds, Americauna, Buff
Orpington, and Rhode Island Red.  The students under the leadership of
Mr. Dwain Fairweather maintain the coop and care of the chickens.

What’s Unique about our Coop stop:

We offer an unique venue to have along the ride this year.  We are on a
hill which offers a challenging approach to any rider, but the view is
well worth the effort.  From the venue of the chicken coop you can see
all of downtown SJ and the surrounding Evergreen valley.


We look forward to hosting riders with refreshments. We will have water
and Gatorade available along with granola and energy bars.  Riders can
refuel and refresh while talking to students and taking in our wonderful


IMG_0791 IMG_0792




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