Willow Glen and South San Jose

This 12 mile, 5 coop stop loop is mostly flat except a climb up to Valley Christian School.

It contains two schools with coops and 3 back yard coop stops!


The students at Valley Christian school would be excited to share their coop and project with any coop tourists so even if you can’t bike all the way out to that coop, feel free to drive out there and check them out their program!

img_4057 img_4210

For the Willow Glen high coop -Access is through the staff parking lot, which is bordered by the newer-looking science building (the one with corrugated metal siding) and the portable Z-wing buildings. The driveway is on Dry Creek. At the back of this parking lot is a small gate in the chain link fence. Enter this gate and immediately turn right–the coop is about 75 yards straight ahead.

Click on the maps below to get high resolution printable map!

willowglensouthsanjose2 willowglensouthsanjose1



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