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Yummy Tummy Farms



Yummy Tummy Farms is a San Jose suburban farm, homestead, and
learning annex founded in 2010 by Farmer Donald. Our core values are
to promote suburban farming, teach self sustainability, and to reclaim
domesticity which we demonstrate in a variety of ways. We promote
suburban farming by growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in our front yard,
back yard, and side yard. The core value of self sustainability, for us, means
that we both eat and offer for sale what our farm produces: fresh fruits
and vegetables, honey, jams, sauces, dried fruit, pickles and sourdough
bread. To reclaim domesticity means that we are seeking to learn as many
of the domestic secrets that our Ancestors knew and practiced, but our
modern culture has forgotten; therefore, we teach many domestic classes
through our learning annex; for example, Introduction to Organic Gardening,
Starting Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes from Seeds, and Introduction to


Farmer Donald (I or Me)) grew up in the Salinas valley surrounded by
agriculture and learned many of his family’s domestic garden secrets from
his grandfather. Internal drive propelled me to seek and earn both an AA
degree in the culinary arts program at Mission College and a B.S. in Financial
Management from San Jose State University. After working as a professional
Chef and utilizing my education and experience in the accounting and
finance world, I felt like I had the foundation to become an entrepreneur,
but my vision was not clear. In February 2009, I had a watershed moment
where I experienced a paradigm shift after seeing a 60 Minutes story titled,
“What’s Wrong with the Bees?”  In summary, the health of honeybees in the
U.S. is declining and populations of honeybees continue to decline today.
After watching that 60 Minutes program, I asked myself one fundamental
question, If not me then who? If I did not take immediate action to help
save the honeybees then who would?  In 2010, Yummy Tummy Farms was

Yummy Tummy Farms has two beehives, two worm bins, and is currently
growing over 30 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, three varieties of eggplant,
six varieties of watermelon, four types of squash, four types of exotic French
muskmelon, two varieties of cucumbers, over four varieties of peppers, four
types of basil, tomatillos, okra and much more. When in bloom, we grow six
types of blueberry, three types of peaches, one nectarine, one navel orange,
one mandarin orange, three varieties of plum, one cherry, four varieties of
pluot, two varieties of avocado, and four varieties of apricot.


We will offer samples of our honey, sourdough bread, and farm tours all for
free. We will be selling farm fresh produce, honey, jams, BBQ sauce, dried
fruit, and our home made tomato seasoning salt.

Harvesting Healthy Happiness,


Owner, Yummy Tummy Farms LLC



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