Community Farm Stand


Every block should have a community farm stand.  We need to share the bounty of our backyard urban farms, with fresh eggs, honey, crops, flowers and citrus.

About 2 years ago I created one in our neighborhood in Los Altos Hills.  It now includes

  • Lending library – take a book, leave a book
  • FREE Seed library – Borrow and share your backyard vegetable garden seeds
  • A place to share or sell everything including my extra eggs, honey, apples, onions, lavender, tomatoes, seedlings, oranges, etc.
  • A integrated cooler for eggs and produce that can use refrigeration or protected from critters.

I built this farm stand out of some recycled lumber and an old book case / cabinet and some simple metal roofing from Home Depot.


I encourage others  who have backyard eggs and other  bounty they need to share or sell to build their own farm stand in their neighborhood.  If you think the farm stand might be an issue, start with a lending library and get neighborhood acceptance and  add produce and your backyard farm  products slowly.

For more inspiration on your Community Farm Stand, check out the website


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