Shanti Farm Coop Hike

Yes.. You read that correctly!  This is not a coop tour bike loop but a single coop tour HIKE!


This coop is near the top of Page Mill Rd in Los Altos Hills and rather that send cyclists up a 8 mile 2000 foot vertical climb, we decided to make it a hike to a coop!

This hike starts in the Los Trancos Open Space Parking lot at the top of Page Mill Rd and its a 2.5 total hike with about 400 feet of descent and climb back to the parking lot.


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On this hike you will be able to visit the Shanti Farm:

Shanti Farm

  • We are a family of 4 (Me, my husband and our 2 boys 14 and 16 years old).  Our home is located next to Los Trancos Open Space Preserve.  Over the past 10 years we have worked at becoming more and more self-sufficient.  This started off with building several raised beds for veggies and then 7 or 8 years ago we got our 1st chickens.  Since then we have added bees and goats.  Currently we grow most of the veggies and a lot of the fruit we consume.  We also get eggs from our chickens and honey from our bees.
  • We have named our little homestead “Shanti Farm” because Shanti means peace and tranquility and that is what we find here.  Feel free to check out the Shanti Farm website.
  • This is a hike to coop!  We are located up Page Mill Rd in Los Altos Hills but connected to Foothills Parks trails so checkout maps to visit our coop by hiking to it!



Here is a map showing the same route:



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