Hello Tour De Coop 2013 Organizers and Coopsters!

Folks are already asking to be on the 2014 Tour de coop, so I have already created a 2014 Tour De Coop Coopster list

Tour de Coop 2014 List of Submitted coops

This is a special hidden page on the website just for organizers and/or coop owners to share information and list events and meetings for the event.  Please only share this link to other Tour Coopsters or organizers.

Coops listed on Website – Public! Each coop gets its own unique webpage!

Click on the Coops link to see how your coop will be listed to those who register for the tour.  (This is already public) but no addresses

On Wed, 9/11 we will send out an email to all those registered for event with route and coop address information.  Here is that page

Coop Tour Routes and Maps

We are starting to develop the routes.  Here is a webpage with links to the RideWithGPS mapping tool that has some of the routes with some preliminary routes.  (Not public yet)

Tour 2013 Routes

Coop Tour Outreach List –

This google doc listed  is shared so that any organizer or coopster can add or update the Coop Tour Outreach List.  This list is a compilation of various individuals, groups, organizations, merchants that we are contacting for various activities related to the coop tour.    Along with the outreach name, there is a column for the follow up person.  If you know of an individual, organization, or merchant who you might be interested in either offering a coop stop for the ride or could provide some marketing by informing their clients and group members, list that organization there so we don’t duplicate our efforts to help market the event to particular groups.

This outreach list is on-line at:

Coop Tour 2013 Outreach List  (Google Document)

Coops Submitted for Tour 2013 –

I’ve converted the coops submitted for Coop Tour 2013 into a google doc as well.  This doc is available to anyone who has access to this link so please be careful sharing this document.

Coop Tour 2013 List Submissions

Coop Tour Organizers –

Here is a list of coopsters (persons offering their coops) and organizers for Tour 2013 also convert to a google doc.  Please update or add to as needed.

Coop Tour 2013 Coopsters and Organizers List

Preliminary Google mapping of coop stops

Bill Michael has created a google map document that contains all of the offered coop stops so we can start to visual various coop tour routes.

Tour De Coop 2013 –  Coops Map Link

Coopster Documents:

Below are some documents that coopsters may want to print themselves for their own use at their coop stop.

Updated this page with google doc links for coop submission list, organizers and coopsters and outreach.


Here is a general time line of coop tour planning events to pull the event together by the event date of September 14, 2013.

August 9th – All Coops should be submitted for consideration in the coop tour

August 9-23 – Coop selection and preliminary route mapping process completed

August 24/25  and August 31/September 1  -Test Ride of loops –  Fine tune routes and maps

September 1-6 Make final corrections to routes and maps

September 7/8 COOP TOUR TESTS!  We need people to sign up for specific tours and fully test maps and instructions.

September 11th  -Attendee Map is released to those registered on eventbrite

September 14th – Coop Tour

Organizer Contact Info:

Scott Vanderlip

Email: /

Cell (650) 793-0475


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