2022 Tour De Coop Maps Routes and More!

Coops, Maps, Routes, and more clucking fun!

Congratulations – It is time to start planning your coop day fun!  We highly recommend you review all of the coops and your tour options BEFORE coop day so you can select the tour(s) that best fit your cycling ability, your geographic preference for a ride, available time and the coops your want to visit.  Be sure to scroll all the way to bottom of the page to see all of the many miles of coop fun from 8 different “coop loop” route options to get you out to the coops and start making new chicken friends!

Remember, this is a self guided tour of coops and you must be self sufficient with food, water and bike repairs.  Coops are only open from 9AM to 4PM, just on Saturday May 21, 2022.

Routes and Map links are listed at the bottom of this page!

tinychickenIs there a coop in your future? – YES!

Have a clucking day!

First, we recommend you get a quick preview of the variety of coops, community gardens, and urban farms available this year on the tour by viewing the coop list summary by city below.   Then scroll to the bottom of this page and find a tour that fits your available time, location and selection of coops!  There is something for everyone!  You may want to do a particular coop loop by bike, but then go and directly visit another single coop not on the route you just took.

A key goal of the Tour de Coop is to build community. As you visit the coops, take time to meet the owners and other cyclists. Many coops locations offer tables to enjoy a snack at with other coop tourists, so we encourage you to network and build your chicken friend community!

If you can’t bike the loop, other travel modes are fine but car parking at the coop stops is not necessarily provided.  It should be noted that the Coop Loop routes are designed purposefully for BIKES!  Routes are meant to be enjoyable and provide exercise. They wander through neighborhoods and secret bike passage ways. They use bike bridges and special connections that can not be used by cars to make for a safer and enjoyable biking experience. Use the Coop Address list below or google map of coops to map out routes if you visit coops by car.

Many of the coops offer tables to enjoy a snack at with other  coop tourists.  We encourage you to network and build your chicken friend community on the tour!


Please review our coop tour FAQ page if you have any questions about the tour.   This page will hopefully answer all those questions like – I don’t have a bike.. can I drive and visit coops and many more questions.

Need to rent a bike?  There are some bike rental places near the coop tour loops near to Caltrain stations.  We have some tours that start or go by Cal Train Stations.  Check out our Coop Tour bike rental page for some options.  Bike rental options are fewer because of Covid demand for bikes.

Local backyard Urban Farming vendors

This year, two of the coop stops  are stores that specialize is selling urban farming supplies.   If you are looking for backyard chicken supplies or bee keeping supplies, both of these locally run and managed stores offer expertise in getting you setup and providing feed and other products.

Sam’s Downtown Feed – This feed store in downtown San Jose is the place to get chicken and coop supplies and bee keeping equipment.   There are coops for and bee keeping starter packers to launch your backyard urban farm today!

cHick n bees – Store owners Jon and Melody have been in business for over 12 years (selling ink and toner) but only recently added their passions “Chickens and Bees” (they have 24 chickens and 18 hives) to their merchant business.

Tour De Coop Accessories – For the safety and aerodynamics of coop touring, we highly recommend you equip your helmet with Tour De Coop Official Chicken directional velocity indicator.  Created by engineers at Stanford, this cheap piece of printed cardboard and cut out in the shape of a chicken has been proven to provide over 34.4 percent more clucking fun that those who do not equip their helmet or hat with this feature.  If you get lost, simply look for other chicken helmets.

Click here for instructions on how to create your own chicken Helmet Accessory.

Accessory and proper clucking generally make for a better coop day!

Chicken Chat

We encourage you to stop and hang out at the coops for a while and meet other coop tourists and have a snack or lunch with them.  Many of the coop stops offer some tables and chairs and areas to hang out and chat about chickens and solving world problems with coop goodness.


Routes, coop loops and navigation to coops!


This year we have 25 coops from Palo Alto to San Jose.  If you want to navigate to the coops only using Google maps with individual coops, click on the image below and save that webpage link on your phone!  Note: This google map does not have any route- coop loop information.  We recommend you follow our coop loops below if you want to cycle between coops.

(NOTE: To view this google map on an iPhone may require that your download the Google Drive app first) .  It should work fine on desktop devices.

Link to Google Map of Coops

If you click on this google map link with your phone, it does allow for some easy navigation to find the coops without the routes. (see image below).  Look for the chicken icon!

Bicycle Coop Tour Routes with Maps/Cue Sheets

This year we are offering several routes to serve a variety of coop tourists cycling abilities from family friendly to the longer coop tours.  That’s a lot of mileage and coops too!  Each route has information provided in a few formats.

Cue Sheets The most valuable navigational document is the cue sheet.  Included with each tour is a CUE sheet marking every right/left turn.

cuesheetexampleCue Sheets are included with each tour.  Print them out and fold them into a 1/4 page.  They show the

  • The turn or stop number
  • The total mileage
  • The directions – Left, right, etc
  • Distance to this turn from the last turn


These printable cue sheets and maps are accessible under the RideWithGPS links with each route.

Ride With GPS Maps – Another option we provide to help you navigate the coop loop is a link to the RideWithGPS map of the coop loop.  You can view the routes on full screen browsers or you can also download and install the RideWithGPS mobile APP  from rideWithGPS.com for your iphone or android.  The RideWithGPS app is a monthly service app that allows you to run GPS based Google type navigation of the routes we created. It also does much more and allow you to create and share rides and routes.

WARNING:  The RideWithGPS biking APP and map option for the coop tour comes with its own set of challenges.  It’s a great program but requires some time to practice and know how to use it effectively.   Here are general advice tips to consider when using it to navigate your coop tours.

  • The route map provided is golden – If needed, do not rely upon the cue sheet, but review the route map on the APP to help navigate yourself from a questionable route direction.
  • You might need to continue to press the Re-Center button on the application to show the your location on the route and if you are off route.
  • The blue location dot on the app shows where you are.
  • For routes where the loop back tracks, the RideWithGPS maybe confused which direction you are going and gives you wrong cues.
  • The little music audio clues telling you when you on course or off course helps a lot.
  • Our route cue sheets are not perfect!
Screen shot of RideWithGPS application running on iphone showing coop loop

Note – Plan to spend some time downloading and playing with the app ahead of time if you wish to navigate using the app and our defined Coop routes  on your phone.  To use the RideWithGPS app integrated with the route requires either the free trial version of the app or paying for the monthly service.

To get the nice printable cue sheets and a map too, click on the RideWithGPS links for that route, then click the More button in the upper left hand corner and select the Print Map And Cue PDF.

This gives you many options from printing a map, cue sheets in different formats and more.

The Example PDF is

An example of the Cue Sheet looks like:

Print these documents and you can nicely fold the cue sheets to carry with you.

Or the on-line app will Talk  (“turn left on Bryant Ave”) you through every turn like google or Apple maps on your phone.

Please review the Coop Route Navigational Options  page for more details on how to use the various formats.  Click on each route below to see the individual route details and maps and cue sheets.

It is helpful to print out the list of coops and addresses so you can directly navigate to some if you get lost.


Long Routes – Sorry – no long routes this year but we can recommend you ride a few of the loops or try and combine some of the loops with your own navigation.

Smaller – Neighborhood Routes – These routes are specifically designed to be shorter and more family friendly in terms of the routes selected:

New Loops 2022


If you take some fabulous photos or videos on the tour, and wish to share them to others, please send photos or links to photos/videos to svTourDeCoop@gmail.com so we can post them on this 2022 wrap-up page.

Who is putting on this ride?

Check them out at SlowFoodSouthBay.org.  If you like this tour and want to help support this tour in the future and other cool and fun ways to produce our own food locally in our backyard and community gardens, feel free to contribute or join our organization.


Questions or issues?  Feel free to send organizers an email at SVTourDeCoop@gmail.com.

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