Hello Tour De Coop 2015 Organizers and Coopsters!

Sorry for moving the pages around.. the original URL for this page was printed in wide distribution newspaper by accident as the primary website address  for the event so I needed to move it to another more hidden address!

This is a special hidden page on the website just for organizers and/or coop owners to share information and list events and meetings for the event.  Please only share this link to other Tour Coopsters or organizers.

Welcome to the event organizers and coopster  page to help manage the coop tour planning chaos!

The coop tour has no particular goals, and metrics to be measured by but simply a collaborative effort and energies of many to put together a fun, bike ride looking at coops and gardens!

Let’s get started!

Google shared Documents – To efficiently manage lists of coops and organizers and marketing outreach, two documents have been created and can be edit by anyone with links to the documents.

To help create and manage the email lists for both coopsters, organizers and event day tourists, I have created TWO eventbrite ticket registrations.

(1) The first eventbright ticket registration is for coopsters and organizers.  We will use this list to send emails to those interested in submitting their coops for the tour or wishing to help organize.  People registering for this ticket will get weekly planning and organizing emails.

To register for this coopster/volunteer ticket – click here

(2) The second eventbrite ticket registration is for those wishing to participate in the event coop tours.  Registering for this ticket will send you map and event information before the event.

To register for the tour event, click here

Tour de Coop 2015 List of Submitted coops and Coop Tour Organizers

This document is a list of coops/coopsters that have been submitted for consideration for the Coop 2015 tour and also those who have volunteered for organizing the event.  This will created from the eventbrite organizer ticket list.

NOTE: If you are considering having your coop on the 2015 tour, you must enter it here into the document or have someone enter for you!  Deciding which coops will be on the tour often depends on if there other coops in the same general region to help create bikable coop loops so please recruit several coops around you!

List of Submitted Coops and Coop Tour Organizers (2015) – Click Here

Coop Tour 2015 Marketing Outreach list –

This document is a list of businesses, persons or organizations who we have contacted or reached out to in some capacity asking them to help market the event with press or emails or participate in the tour in some capacity either as promoter or coopsters or sponsors, etc.  Feel free to add and edit items in the list.  Be sure to include any notes, contact info, etc so we know who entered the info and if you followed up with reaching them about the coop tour.

Coop Tour 2015 Marketing Outreach List  (Google Document) – Click Here

 Coop Tour Website and promotions translations

This year (2015) we will be translating a majority of the website page into Spanish to encourage everyone in the bay area to participate in healthy, backyard urban farming.

If interested in helping, please contact Scott or to be involved in that group.

I’ve created a website page describing the general translation process.

Coop Tour Maps!


Google Map of coop stops as of September 8, 2015 –  This google base is the map we will use for planning route purposes.  It is not meant to be shared outside of the planning/volunteering committees.

Ride With GPS maps

To create the individual coop tour loops/routes, turn sheets, we are using an on-line mapping tool called RideWithGPS.  For those volunteers on the route mapping committee will have account login information to add, edit and create routes.

Routes and maps planning page –

RideWithGPS website

 The Routes, maps and events  page

Folks who have registered for the tour will get an email on Wednesday 9/16 with a link to the first info and waiver page which is

Tourist Ticket Info to be release Wed – September 16th

On Wednesday, we will send out to those who have registered for the tour an email with this link.  You can click on this now to see what the registered tourists will get.

Please do not share this link so we can get an accurate count of folks attending the event through eventbrite.

BASIC TIME LINE: (Updated 1.23.2015)

Here is a general time line of coop tour planning events to pull the event together by the event date of September 19, 2015.

January – August 2015 – Solicit coops for submission and get folks to register to the tour with flyers, posters, postcards, articles, press releases, etc.

September 1st – All Coops should be submitted for consideration in the coop tour

Sep 1-6 – Coop selection and preliminary route mapping process completed

September 7 to 15 COOP TOUR TESTS!  We need people to sign up for specific tours and fully test maps and instructions.

September 16th  -Attendee Map is released to those registered on eventbrite

September 19th – Coop Tour

Organizer Contact Info:

Scott Vanderlip

Email: /

Cell (650) 793-0475

Coopster Documents:

Here is the document that is passed out at the coopsters meeting with the best practices document and the coop stop release form that needs to be signed and delivered electronically back to Scott if you were not at one of the coopster meetings. – Signing the word doc release form is fine by typing your name and emailing it back.


It is also very important that every coop stop that has chickens has a self spray station set up so that tourists can spray the bottom of their shoes with lysol type solution before entering your coop area and garden to prevent cross coop contamination.

Below are some documents that coopsters may want to print themselves for their own use at their coop stop.

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