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Campbell Coops –

  • Bok Bok Coop – 7 hens, fully enclosed coop and run. Deep litter method


East Palo Alto Coops

  • Self Sufficient Life – coop (hens & chicks), tilted nesting box, vegetable garden, greenhouse, aquaponics, black soldier flies, worm composting


  • Fong/Caplan family coop – We have 22 chickens (including 3 young roosters that we need to find homes for…).  Some of the breeds: Copper Maran, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Cochin, Buff Orpington, Lavender Maran.


Menlo Park Coops

Tom’s Coop -I have four hens and a new coop I just finished building.


  • Green Bee Gardening – I have 2 geese (“Albert” the American Buff gander, and “Ernestine” the Toulouse goose), 6 Indian Runner Ducks, and 11 chickens. In four separate hutches, which are not wholly adequate space-wise for the flock, but we are working on that.
Gwen Murray for InMenlo
Gwen Murray for InMenlo

Monte Sereno Coops

Cape Cod Coop – Home to 4 chickens who share the yard with three rambunctious kids, a Whippet, and the occasional coon or skunk.  This is your typical family yard where chickens and family co-exist – citrus trees, fruit trees, swimming pool, swing set, and  drinking fountain.  We also have a raised garden in our front yard to take advantage of the southern sun – currently have tomatoes and okra with pumpkins just coming up.

FullSizeRender_1Gingerbread Coop – I’ve kept chickens for 10 years. I’m a serial remodeler and coop designer – and I move every few years in and around Saratoga/Los Gatos/Monte Sereno. I’ve done everything from breeding to keeping hatchery/stock birds. I’ve incubators and had great success with them. I’ve helped other folks design their coops and runs. But I’m just a backyard chicken girl… I do, however, have a fantastically gorgeous coop in the making. It isn’t quite done – although it may be by the 19th – but it is a timber framed, gingerbread chicken cottage extraordinaire. I’d love to share it!


Palo Alto Coops –

  • Common Ground Garden – For the Bird’s handcrafted coops (that are for sale by order!) and a biointensive garden
  • IMG_0354
  • Dana Meadows Organic Childrens Garden – Ten years ago, we went on a field trip to Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel to learn how to start raising chickens and while we were there, the manager kept putting these precious 5 day-old-baby ducklings in our hands as we were learning all about Rhode Island Reds and all the different breeds of chickens we might raise – well, you guessed it, we came home with 3 baby ducklings and got busy building a duck pen and pond that has evolved into a brook flowing thru the backyard based on how nature works!   You will also meet Flower and Tofu, 2 sweet bunnies who live in a secret garden within our garden.


  • Coop de Ville –  Large secure coop with automatic door (set on timer) lets The Girls out to extended run on side of house viewable by pedestrians. Raised vegetable beds, blueberries and 8 varieties of citrus trees in pots.


  • Bunratty Coop – We have 19 happy chickens, we have an interesting grey water system, and an organic garden. Chickens
  • Chateau Cluck – Large, fenced in yard with coop inside.  It’s a “Hobbit House” for chickens

Chateau Cluck2

  • Palo Alto Backyard Farm – coop, beehives, rain catchment, pitcher irrigation, fruit trees and vegetable garden. We have 3 Rhode Island Reds and 3 Delawares. Coop is a Wichita Coop Design – self contained Coop + run area.


San Jose Coops –

  • Dino-Coop at the Middlebrook Center – We have 3- one year old’s , 2 Teenagers and a Bunny that are housed in a coop decorated with an children’s art mural.  Our chickens have been well loved in our summer camp and school teaching garden program.  Our coop is used to teach classes teaching kids life sciences as well as the evolution of the chicken from their dinosaur past.  You may peer into the coop from the holes on Race street or come on inside and cuddle with our friendly chickens.


  • Duck-a-ponics – This unique San Jose urban farm has the famous duck-a-ponics system of using duck pond water to nourish the vegetable garden plants.


  •  The Gorgeous Garden Girls –  Our 5 chickens enjoy a custom-made coop with a run. They help provide fertilizer for 14 raised beds in which we grow vegetables year-round. Also in our 5,000 square foot garden are many fruit trees, a koi pond, and water-wise plants.



  • Sampat Farms – Growing up, we spent all our time in the middle of  concrete buildings and cacophony of large cities. Then in late 2009 we moved to South San Jose. We were fortunate to have a backyard and get a feel of the open sky and fresh air – in the heart of Silicon Valley. In May 2013, after almost a year of contemplation, we decided to get chickens – not one – but sixteen of them!

Sampat Farm_1

  • Home of the Happy Hens – We have 5 hens in our Medium coop with a large run area and innovative self-watering system. We also have a drip-irrigated square-foot-based garden with 7 beds.
  • IMG_1723
  • Sam’s Downtown Feed – This feed store in downtown San Jose is the place to get chicken and coop supplies and bee keeping equipment.  On hand will be coop and bee keeper experts.


  • Garden To Table – Taylor Street Farm – Nonprofit urban farm with chickens, bees, veggies, and more. Open for U-Pick veggies every Saturday 9-1pm.

This coop stop will also feature a master gardeners demonstration so bring your gardening questions to this stop and check with the experts!

  • The Petting Zoo – I have a flock of 3 hens with a coop the size of a doll house. The front lawn was removed last year and replaced with raised veggie beds. In addition to my hens, I foster homeless animals for local rescue groups so there’s usually a puppy or litter of kittens hanging out at my house until they find their forever home.


Los Altos Coops

  • L’Auberge Inn Coop Name – We live in Los Altos and share our backyard with five wonderful pet chickens. Ginger, Poppy, and Sage are Ameraucanas we bought as chicks/pullets a few years ago. Tarra and Marjo are White Leghorns we recently adopted.
  • Yes! You can adopt chickens! Like cats and dogs, there are many chickens waiting for their forever home.Our rescues come from a battery cage farm raising hens for egg production. They have been rescued by Animal Place, a sanctuary for farmed animals.

  • Downton Eggy  -Downton Eggy is currently home to 8 lovely ladies, including 2 bantam Silkies, 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, an Autrolorp, and a New England Red. The home accommodates both large and small breed chickens equally well and does not provide any favored lifestyle for the upstairs chickens.
  • dowtowneggy2

 Mountain View Coops

  • Tiki Coop – This unique coop is a tropical themed coop you won’t want to miss!
  • tikicoop2
  • Alta Vista High School Coop – What do you have to show (Coop, bee hive, gardens, other animals, etc) Chicken coop built by construction class. They can build a custom coop for you!
  • coop_build

Newark Coops

  • Cirque des Poulets – We have chickens, mini-orchard, raised garden, native bee housing. Native habitat front yard designed to attract indigenous pollinators, including hummingbirds as well as insects.
  • IM000970.JPG

Saratoga Coops

  • 1by1 Farm – Home for 5 happy hens, they come and go as they please between the henhouse, chicken run, and orchard.
  • 1by1Farm_coop_A

Santa Clara Coops

  • The Henitentiary -We have a large coop, run and small garden for our 8 spoiled female inmates.  Red, Alex, Piper, Taststee, Tiffany, Suzanne, Daya and Mama.  Our 2 dogs and cat are happy to share the yard.
  • henitentiary1
  • The Homesteaders 4-H Chicken Project 
  • 4Hcoop1
  • The Homesteaders chicken coops are located at the 4-H ranch along with vegetable gardens, bee hives, a rabbitry, and a barn.
  • Our ranch is unique in that it is run by the youth, for the youth! The Homesteader’s farm is the last working farm in Santa Clara. It serves roughly 600 youth per year, giving tours to the local schools and holding open houses. The ranch features a large organic garden and compost, a bee project with 4 hives, many chicken coops, market turkeys, sheep, goats, and a rabbitry all tended for by the youth members.

Sunnyvale Coops and Community farms

  • Full Circle Farms – Come and relax with the chickens and then wander around our beautiful community farm.fullcircle2
  • Charles Street Garden – Charles Street Gardens is an organic community garden located in the heart of Sunnyvale–it is located at 433 Charles Street and it’s open to all Sunnyvale residents. Whether you want to till your own plot, help in the group garden, or learn new garden skills and approaches.
  • This coop stop will also feature a master gardeners demonstration so bring your gardening questions to this stop and check with the experts!
  • charlesst1
  • Pirate Produce – This coop stop offer unique aquaponics, gardens and chickens.
  • pirateproduce

San Mateo Coops

  • Lemonberry Coop – Seven hens, each of a different breed, scratch in the shade of a lemon and a mulberry tree.
  • lemon2
  • Sandra’s Coop – Just one hen left from 3. Native plants. Use to have graywater laundry.


Redwood City Coops

  • Poole’s Poules – Last year’s Tour de Coop inspired us to build a home for our four new baby chicks. We already had a small coop, but as they grew up, we wanted them to have more space. After researching many options, we bought a kit to build a 13 x 13 enclosure. Our girls now enjoy a large safe space and we are still having fun adding features to it.
  • IMG_1423
  • Playhouse Conversion Chickee CondoCoop, hopefully there will be chickens, but We’re just getting started.
  • 060620151008
  • Redwood High School Coop – This coop  is in the garden at Redwood High School in Redwood City, CA.
  • IMG_3293
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