Coops 2017

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Menlo Park Coops

The Lul – We have 4 beautiful girls in the backyard. A couple of cats and that’s all. Other than our 5 and 7 year old daughters!
Our coop is quite lovely. Very sweet design with a larger fenced area for the girls to peck and scratch in the shade of a couple of heritage eucalyptus trees. We can sit on the deck or the circular lawn and enjoy their company. And, we also frequently join them in their habitat to hold and play with them.




Palo Alto Coops

  • Girls next door – Come visit The Girls Next Door. We have a mid-century style chicken coop based on the infamous Witchita Chicken Coop plans and a chicken play yard.
    My husband build an automated watering system connected to the sprinklers, and we just installed an automatic coop door which opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Our global flock consists of British Buff Orphingtons, Australorps, an Ameraucana, a Plymouth Barred Rock and a French Marans.



  • Bunratty Coop – An historic coop built in the 1940’s when Silicon Valley was agricultural and still known as Santa Clara Valley. We have a small happy flock of chickens,  an interesting grey water system, rain water storage and an organic garden.



San Jose Coops

I have had chickens about 15-20 years. Right now I have 12 chickens. 7 of them are 7 years old or older. This week I adopted 5 new chickens ages ranging from 3 weeks to 5 months. I have 1 copper maran (the oldest and not laying any more), 1 Americana. 3 silkies (one of which is a naked neck), 1 sultan, 1 frizzle, 1 black tailed Japanese bantam, 1 mille flour d’uccle, 1 bantam cochin, 1 small red chick (unknown breed) and 1 baby chick of unknown breed. I don’t know if my coop is particularly unique. It is certainly not fancy and was built with a lot of recycled wood and chicken wire fencing. We have a large 2 sided room with corrugated metal roof so chickens have a lot of shade. The texting boxes are here as is the food and water. Then we have a fairly large outdoor space so that they can get plenty of sun as well. We also have a huge garden and I have enclosed photos below. We have no lawn.

  • My Dream Coop – Coop and bee hives, in a relaxing park like backyard garden setting with edible plants sprinkled throughout the yard. Chickens and a silver pheasant inhabit the coop.
    Our coop is made from a lot of recycled and repurposed materials, but is my ideal coop, easy to clean, garden bed for the chickens to graze. We have made our coop a miniature version of the tract houses in our neighborhood. It’s got style and all the amenities. Currently having the forage bed replanted and coop painted to match the house and covering (netting redone).


  • Jobart Urban Homestead -We have hens in a coop built with the Garden Coop plans, a Flow Beehive, raised vegetable beds, and multiple young fruit trees. The hens we have are  Easter Egger, Cream Legbar, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and Red Star.
    Built our coop using the plans from Flow beehive. Decorative vegetable garden.Offering:We will be selling ice cream made from our eggs, homemade lemonade, and other snacks to raise money for Heifer International”



  • Shaw Sisters’ Clubhouse – We became part of the Backyard Chicken Clan last summer (Jul 2016)! Came home with 5 baby chicks from the county fair and went to work building our coop. We haven’t looked back since!
    People say our coop should be featured in a magazine! It’s gorgeous and functional! We didn’t put it on the tour last year because I was more interested in learning from other coopsters since I was new to chickens.



  • Puff Bottom Girls – Our four hens are happily spoiled with a large coop, and a large run occupying the rear portion of our back yard. In addition to the deluxe coop, we put the girls to work in the “Mini Cooper,” a tractor coop that sits on top of a 4×8 raised bed.


  • Dino-Coop at the Middlebrook Center – We have 3- one year old’s , 2 Teenagers and a Bunny that are housed in a coop decorated with an children’s art mural.  Our chickens have been well loved in our summer camp and school teaching garden program.  Our coop is used to teach classes teaching kids life sciences as well as the evolution of the chicken from their dinosaur past.  You may peer into the coop from the holes on Race street or come on inside and cuddle with our friendly chickens.



  • Sam’s Downtown Feed – This feed store in downtown San Jose is the place to get chicken and coop supplies and bee keeping equipment.  On hand will be coop and bee keeper experts.


  • Garden To Table – Taylor Street Farm – Garden to Table is a 1-acre nonprofit urban farm with chickens, bees, veggies, and more. Our mission is to educate and create a network of food systems that builds community and improves access to healthy food. Our farm is open to volunteers on Saturdays from 10-2. Our volunteer built coop and run houses 6 hens and features a compost bin, dust bath with roof, and a no-mess chicken feeder. Our chickens are very involved in our mission to run the farm sustainably.


  • Dry Creek BeesBee hives nestled into a beeyard designed to provide optimal shelter during winter and maximum exposure during warm months. Hives sit atop a permeable patio base to prevent run-off during rain. A natural looking water feature and nectar bearing drought resistant perennials demonstrate the beauty of a bee-friendly garden. Honey tasting, and water stop.
  • Wagner Coop -Come visit our Coop and garden in Almaden Meadows neighborhood that is home to a 4 hens (Plymouth Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Americana, and Austrolorp) and most likely a napping cat.
    Our Homemade Barn-Red Coop/Run is a nice example of what can fit into a traditional yard in San Jose for those unsure on how to make use of their limited yard space. This coop and run has been designed to allow for full walk in support for cleaning and maintenance and includes a split door for giving treats and a swing-out door for accessing the eggs in the laying box. The coop & Run Structure is roughly 3ft x 12 ft x 6 ft to allow for up to 6 large chickens. We will have some shade, chairs and water for those needing a break and a chicken game for the kids. Our cat may be willing to accept a few head scratches but you never know with cats.


Los Altos Coop



  • Descriptions:
    The 10 year old coop currently houses four spoiled hens:  7 year old Lily, and 2 year old Caramel  – Americanas, 1 year old Snowflake – Light Brahma, and 1 year old Roxy – Barred Rock.   The girls have free range of the yard during the winter months when the garden is not planted and are fed fresh produce from the garden when they are confined to their run.  We love our ladies so much that we even performed surgery in our kitchen on one of our hens after she developed an impacted crop.  It’s true that super glue and sewing thread can be used to close a wound!  She lived another 2 years confirming our surgical skill!  To help protect our spoiled laying ladies, the garden surrounding the coop is patrolled by Blackie, our barn cat, whose primary function is to keep the rats out of the coop and the squirrels out of the garden and compost bin.  Blackie was adopted from the Humane Society’s Working Cat adoption program.
    The Kasso Coop was built by three generations of Kasso’s (son, father and grandfather), and is attached to a large shed where we harvest rainwater and store it in barrels.  The rainwater is used to water the vegetable garden during dry periods in the winter months.
    The Kasso Coop is just one part of our urban farm.   For several years we have grown giant pumpkins in our front yard, bringing them to Half Moon Bay for competition.  We have four giants on two vines ranging from 200-600 pound each.  Next to the pumpkin patch is a small vineyard.  We harvested the grapes on Sept. 2 this year and will bottle the Zinfandel around this time next year.  The property also houses two bee hives and we will happily give out samples of our delicious honey during the tour.


  • Sager Family Farm is an educational backyard farm with chickens, beehives, native bees, monarchs, a veggie garden, and fruit trees. Kendal Sager operates a children’s nature education business that brings field trips into classrooms – many of our animals and insects have visited local schools to help students learn about life science and food systems.

Website: Kendal’s Bees




Los Altos Hills Coops and Farm Stands

Chickens with real kid farmers!


  • Los Altos Hills Community Farm Stand at Hartley Farm


Every community and neighborhood needs a farm stand to share in the wonderful backyard bounty from our gardens and coops!  Check out this permitted Los Altos Hills Farm stand when visiting the Hartley Coop.  For ideas about urban farm stands, check out the website.

  • Land Coop – Coop with 13 chickens, also have 3 sheep
    – Also have 3 sheep
    – Very automated setup for both sheep and chickens, demonstrating that you can have animals and still do long weekends away
    – Custom built coop (by us) in a hillside fit in between trees (more protected from sun and predators)



This will be a newly built coop, with a 3’x6′ raised hen house and a screened-in 6’x15′ run. We should have around 6 young chickens by tour time.
Unique features of the coop might be the relatively easy construction, and pull-out, drawer-style floor sections for easy cleaning. Most of the materials were salvaged from an old redwood fence, but the coop looks really nice, if I say so myself!!



Los Gatos Coops


  • Four Acorns FarmFour Acorns Farm is a petite family farm focused on organically raised poultry (hatching eggs and chicks), extraordinary home made jams and, occasionally, vegetables. We provide education, practical tips, and support for folks wanting to keep chickens. We also offer coop design consultation. We are planning our orchard and hope to keep bees in the future.


  • Coop De Ville – Los Gatos –  This is a mid-century modern chicken coop built by green builder (Bruce King of San Rafael. Coop was originally built using only reclaimed materials, but in order to get it to fit on our very sloped property, we had to add some new lumber to get it to work. 90-95% reclaimed.


Store owners Jon and Melody have been in business for over 12 years (selling ink and toner) but only recently added their passions “Chickens and Bees” (they have 24 chickens and 18 hives) to their merchant business.

cHICK n bEES sells backyard bee and chicken keeping supplies and much more. We provide many services as well.


cHICK n bEES is hosting a honey tasting on the day of Tour De Coop, this is a community event Free and open to the public. You can meet local beekeepers, taste and compare their local honeys and purchase some for home.  There will be an observation hive and a couple of chickens hanging out too! Free Samples of Scratch and Peck Feed will be given out as well.


Saratoga Coops

Landau Farm – Chicken coop, Veggie Garden
Automatic feeding and water system



Cupertino Coops

  • Chez Satake – We rent a duplex, so we have a small backyard outfit. We do have a light-sensored door for the coop and a small garden my husband tends. We have a worm bin and bonus guinea pigs in the house. We have a Salman Favorelle (Cookie), a Black Star (Blackberry), an Easter Egger (Oreo), and a rescue chicken of indeterminate ancestry (Concha). We are also a drop site for 2 CSA’s (Frog Hollow Farm and Fifth Crow Farm).


  • Slow Food South Bay and Silicon Valley Grows Coop Stop – Slow Food South Bay Demo Garden and Tour Stop – Learn more about Slow Food South Bay and Silicon Valley Grows at the start of this Cupertino Tour with demonstration gardens, seed saving activities and more.


nice-highresAND Silicon Valley Grows – Seed Saving


 Mountain View Coops

  • Alta Vista High School CoopStudent built and refurbished coops featuring our newest “Dr Suess” coop. Bantam chickens, Marans, Olive Eggers, and a Plymouth Rock. Newly hatched chicks will also be on cite with the possibility of buying. You will find our student-built hydroponic system as well as an orchard,vegetable, and succulent garden. We will also be selling/building custom built coops, sheds,  garden beds and potted succulents to any interested coopsters.


  • Silicon Valley Micro Homesteading -Custom coop, four beautiful chickens, small veggie and herb ‘kitchen garden’, grape arbor, new fruit trees, sitting area with table and native no-mow grass.  We got rid of our lawn, and turned our front yard into a space that produces food and is enjoyable as an outdoor ‘room’



  • Chick-inn – Our family of five (mom, dad, kids ages 10, 12 and 12) built our coop this spring from our old playhouse and an unused raised vegetable bed. We were excited to transform this building and its redwood base into a fun and usable coop. About 80% of the materials used were recycled and all decorations / signs were made by the kids. We have four young chickens – they will just be laying around the time of the tour. They are a Barred Plymouth Rock (Starla), a Rhode Island Red (Rosie), a Black Australorp (Olivia), and a Buff Orpington (Pip).
  • Our kids are excited to offer some tasty treats for visitors. We plan to make gluten-free chocolate chip zucchini bread with zucchini from our Hidden Villa CSA basket. We’ll likely round that out with some other treats and either lemonade or iced tea. Our back yard offers a sheltered gazebo (with ping-pong!) and our front yard has lots of shady grass and a porch bench for relaxing.


  • Rathbun Coop – coop, bee hive, organic garden
    this is an urban back-yard-farm on a smallish lot


 Sunnyvale Coops and Community farms

  • Charles Street Garden – Charles Street Gardens is an organic community garden located in the heart of Sunnyvale–it is located at 433 Charles Street and it’s open to all Sunnyvale residents. Whether you want to till your own plot, help in the group garden, or learn new garden skills and approaches.


Alpine Butterfly Lodge – Our backyard is mostly taken up by a pool, so my coop is in the planter along the back fence.  I have six bantam hens, now 4.5 years old.  The coop/roost itself was a kit (which I keep modifying), but we built their 32′ x 2′ predator proof run custom to fit in the space we had.  We have added a poultry nipple watering system, and a mister system connected into the sprinklers that were there.  Our house has PV solar panels, does backyard composting, and heats the pool with solar thermal.

ABL coop

  • Flying Horse Farm – We have a coop that we built in 2003. A predator-proof pen is attached to the coop for free access for the hens. Since 2003 we have lived with 10 different hens, all with different personalities. Our current three hens in residence are ages 7 and 2 and 2. The breeds are Ameraucana, White Leghorn, and Black Sexlink.
  • Uniqueness:
  • Our coop stop is unique because we have two 1,700 gallon rainwater cisterns. The two cisterns are buried underground, below the vegetable garden in the front yard and below the patio in the backyard. We use the water for our outdoor watering needs during the summer.
  • Offering:
  • We will provide the Tour guests with ice tea and a homemade sweet snack.




San Mateo Coops

  • White coop -Coop with 5 girls, raised bed garden Our coop is a cute little house with an automatic chicken door, self feeder bucket that reduces waste and water. It’s all set up to allow for easy weekends away or help from neighbors who love to collect the fresh eggs for us when we travel.WhiteCoop2
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