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Palo Alto Coops


  • Bunratty Coop – An historic coop built in the 1940’s when Silicon Valley was agricultural and still known as Santa Clara Valley. We have a small happy flock of chickens.



  • Sven coop
  • A magnetic door connects the chicken coop to the chicken run, home to five birds.
    Note the devious use of yogurt tubs to keep the chickens in an appropriate place on the roost.



  • Little Ren Hen House
  • Large vegetable garden with chicken coop, greenhouse, and fruit trees.
  • Uniqueness:  Our current six hens are the latest generation of chickens that have inhabited the back corner of our edible garden for the last 50 years or so.  The ladies live happily in a little red hen house and 8’x16′ coop hammered together out of salvaged lumber about 25 years ago.
  • Offering: Free lemonade.

  • Palo Alto Backyard Farm
  • Description: coop, beehive(s) (Langstroth & Flow),  rain catchment, composting, fruit trees and vegetable garden (moist planter).  Coop is a Wichita Coop Design – self contained Coop + run area.




San Jose Coops


  • My Dream Coop – On this coop stop we have our 5 quiet 4H chickens as well as a couple baby chicks, all cohabitating with a friendly rabbit.  We have a bee yard, but our bees just flew the coop!  The bee yard will be open for all to see how it looks with empty hives.  Ooo… ahh.  Our chicken coop is situated in a tranquil garden setting landscaped with edible plants sprinkled throughout.  The coop itself is modeled after the homes in our neighborhood with a twist.  It’s constructed of as much recycledmaterials as we could muster.  It’s also got a lot of natural tree branches incorporated into it which were gathered after the winter storms.  The coop is literally my dream coop thanks to the beautiful and super easy to clean coop, the homemade rat proof chicken feeder and automatic watering system, as well as the built in foraging area where the chickens can snack on fresh greens.  I think it’s a dream coop for the yard birds as well.




  • Shaw Sisters’ Clubhouse -“We became part of the Backyard Chicken Clan in July 2016! Our coop is modeled after The Garden Coop and it’s gorgeous and functional! A Dutch door made it easy to give the girls treats without them rushing me to get out. We made PVC feeders and ran “plumbing” to the nipple bucket waterer so we can fill it up from outside the coop. The installation of an automatic coop door made life so much easier! The girls didn’t have to “yell” in the morning to be let out! To save our plants and reduce the need to clean up poop from the whole yard, we made a “chicken yard” by fencing off an area behind and to the side of the coop. No more landmines in the backyard!This year, we’re excited to show our new bantam coop/yard we built for our new Modern Game and Seramas. These are my husband’s babies! I finally got him to drink the Kool-aid and now he’s a crazy chicken person just like me!Please stop by and visit us! The girls would love to show you around! We’ll be serving ice cold cucumber/mint water, lemon water and selling Cluckin Good Caramel Corn and Granola! My specialty.






  • Sam’s Downtown Feed – This feed store in downtown San Jose is the place to get chicken and coop supplies and bee keeping equipment.   There are coops for and bee keeping starter packers to launch your backyard urban farm today!
  • On hand will be backyard chicken experts and bee  experts.
  • Free chilled water for tour coop visitors!
  • Say hi to Sam while you are there!


  • coop with 4 hens, two bee hives
  • Coop was built from scratch, honey tasting will be offered
My family moved to the Bay area from the East coast 2 years ago.
Luckily we found a house with a good size backyard and my dream of raising chicken became tangible. My husband did some research and decided to built the coop himself – what a great project and wonderful job he did!
Through word of mouth we heard about the Chick ‘n Bees store in Los Gatos. Melody, one of the owners, was incredibly helpful in providing guidance and information and we purchased our first 5 chicks last April. It was a rewarding adventure raising our 3 Easter Eggers and 2 Orpingtons – watching them grow from little fluff balls into mature chicken. Of course one of the most exciting days was the discovery of the first egg! Since then we unfortunately lost one Orpington but recently added a Rhode Island Rock chicken. Hearing our ‘girls’ cluck and scratch in the backyard, and collecting fresh eggs has been the most rewarding experience.
As I was busy raising chicken, my husband had the idea of keeping bees. What?! I grew up with chicken and knew what to expect but we both had no experience about beekeeping. Ever so determined my husband dove into the subject. He passed on his newfound passion and every night we watched documentaries about bees and beekeeping. It was only a matter of time before we set up our first beehive. Again, John, the other owner of Chick ‘n Bees, was so helpful in teaching us the in and outs of beekeeping. We’ve learned so much about these incredible little creatures! The first honey harvest was heaven for our sweet taste buds. Since then we’ve shared eggs and honey with our friends and neighbors and hope to instill some excitement in others about chicken and bees.


The Shibley Ave Sewing Club

The Shibley Avenue Sewing Club Long ago, just after WWII, this house was built for and purchased by my grandparents Vern and Bea. There was a group of ladies that met for sewing club along this street for years in the 1950’s. The ladies would share hosting duties providing coffee, chatter, gossip, maybe a casserole and a little sewing every Wednesday. Naturally, when I got into chicken keeping almost 3 years ago I instantly knew there must be a symbolic nod to this block and the greatest generation. My chickens, past and present, are named after my grandmother (nicknamed Bunny) and her girlfriends.


Faithful Farm –

Faithful Farms houses 31 chickens on our 3 acre organic farm, 15 of which are only weeks old. Our herding dog Luna ( our 1 year old Australian Sheppard) keeps the chickens in line ( most of the time)

Faithful Farms Coop is run by Kimberly and her daughters age 8 and 6.  Our eggs are organic and free range eggs. We also feed our chickens organic fermented feed which is a natural process that makes for a stronger more healthier “super egg” and chicken. We also ascribe to the deep litter method in our coop to keep the coop clean by only adding shavings periodically and only remove the litter 2xs a year. We utilize the litter for compost that gives us a rich organic soil in the spring. This method makes for a a nearly odor free and healthier coop.



Small four-chicken coop I built this April to replace the nice one we left behind when we moved to California three years ago. I had just finished a Coop Mahal at our old house back east when I got a job offer here. We were finally able to buy a house here and building a coop is one of the first things we did.

Coop is wood framed construction with decking and asphalt roof (just like a house). Foundation is hand set patio pavers. Floor is sand. Front is painted with chalk-board paint so our kids can draw pictures and leave notes. Roost opens and closes with a pulley and a sliding hatch from outside.

One of our chickens, Willow, turned out to be Willie. We found a new home for him. The remaining four hens don’t seem to miss him. They do love to run around our back yard with our dog, who protects them like family.



Los Altos Coop


We live in Los Altos and share our backyard with nine wonderful hens. We started our little backyard flock with three hens, and transformed it into a micro-sanctuary by adopting rescued hens. It was the start of Clorofil, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit promoting chicken adoption and educating the public about pet chicken care.

IMG_8506 copy



Los Altos Hills Coops and Farm Stands



  • Los Altos Hills Community Farm Stand at Hartley Farm


Every community and neighborhood needs a farm stand to share in the wonderful backyard bounty from our gardens and coops!  Check out this permitted Los Altos Hills Farm stand when visiting the Hartley Coop.  For ideas about urban farm stands, check out the website.


  • Coop with 13 chickens
    – Also have 3 sheep
    – Very automated setup for both sheep and chickens, demonstrating that you can have animals and still do long weekends away
    – Custom built coop (by us) in a hillside fit in between trees (more protected from sun and predators)



Shanti Farm

  • We are a family of 4 (Me, my husband and our 2 boys 14 and 16 years old).  Our home is located next to Los Trancos Open Space Preserve.  Over the past 10 years we have worked at becoming more and more self-sufficient.  This started off with building several raised beds for veggies and then 7 or 8 years ago we got our 1st chickens.  Since then we have added bees and goats.  Currently we grow most of the veggies and a lot of the fruit we consume.  We also get eggs from our chickens and honey from our bees.
  • We have named our little homestead “Shanti Farm” because Shanti means peace and tranquility and that is what we find here.  Feel free to check out the Shanti Farm website.
  • This is a hike to coop!  We are located up Page Mill Rd in Los Altos Hills but connected to Foothills Parks trails so checkout maps to visit our coop by hiking to it!


Rustic Coop

Rustic chicken coop designed for ease of overall maintenance associated with raising chickens.
Our rustic chicken coop is built out of redwood with a tin roof and our “daytime” free range chickens seem to be very happy in their home. We designed the hen house with ease of cleaning in mind, and as such, it has a wire mesh bottom which helps to ensure droppings fall in to the bin below the coop.


Tuck’s Clucks

After starting his successful coop, Tucker founded “Tuck’s Clucks,” his own small business selling fresh eggs to neighbors in his community. Tucker’s inspiring story was recently featured in a Telegraph article about Silicon Valley residents returning to the land (read article here).  That’s Tuck in the picture.. he chose building a coop over visiting Legoland !

Budding businesses-8


Alta Lane Alpacas

Alta Lane Alpacas is a small herd of 4 alpacas and 2 goats. If you walk or jog in Los Altos Hills, you’ve probably already met them. We’ll do animal feedings and talk about their care at 9:30am, 11:30am and 2pm. You will learn their names, what they eat, and see fiber samples. We will meet at a table on Alta Tierra by the corral — please do not enter the residence.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 9.31.05 PM


Los Gatos Coops


  • Four Acorns FarmFour Acorns Farm is a petite family farm focused on organically raised poultry (hatching eggs and chicks), extraordinary home made jams and, occasionally, vegetables. We provide education, practical tips, and support for folks wanting to keep chickens. We also offer coop design consultation. We are planning our orchard and hope to keep bees in the future.

  • Coop De Ville – Los Gatos –  This is a mid-century modern chicken coop built by green builder (Bruce King of San Rafael. Coop was originally built using only reclaimed materials, but in order to get it to fit on our very sloped property, we had to add some new lumber to get it to work. 90-95% reclaimed.


Store owners Jon and Melody have been in business for over 12 years (selling ink and toner) but only recently added their passions “Chickens and Bees” (they have 24 chickens and 18 hives) to their merchant business.

cHICK n bEES sells backyard bee and chicken keeping supplies and much more. We provide many services as well.


cHICK n bEES sells everything for the backyard bee and chicken keeper along with many services.

This year during Tour De Coop cHICK n bEES will be offering the following:

  • Feed fermenting Station, showing how to.
  • Feed Sprouting Station, showing how to.
  • Meal worm and Super worm Station, showing how to grow your own.
  • Heritage and Fancy Breed Chicks and Pullets will be for Sale through our local breeder from Woodside.
  • An observation Hive for viewing
  • Handouts about feed and chicken rearing along with Free Samples of Scratch and Peck Feeds
  • Water, Snack and a Restroom will be provided



Monte Sereno Coops

Hilltop Red Coop

Cute coop and run at bottom of small vineyard. Composting bins nearby for straw from coop. Compost used in garden growing boxes nearby.

Ease of composting and chicken contribution to composting



 Mountain View Coops

  • Alta Vista High School Coop – Here at the Alta Vista High School Coop, you can meet a team of chicken-loving students as well as see our classic “Dr. Seuss” coop with flock of chickens varying in size and color. This year we have three new additions, a pigmy goat family; Kike(born 5/10/18), Halycon, and Artemis. Visitors can purchase and taste our organic tomatoes, grown right here in our garden. Also come check out the cool succulent planters designed by our students and printed with our innovative, state-of-the-art 3-D printer.


  • Silicon Valley Micro Homesteading -Custom coop, four beautiful chickens, small veggie and herb ‘kitchen garden’, grape arbor, new fruit trees, sitting area with table and native no-mow grass.  We got rid of our lawn, and turned our front yard into a space that produces food and is enjoyable as an outdoor ‘room’





 Sunnyvale Coops and Community farms

  • Charles Street Garden – Charles Street Gardens is an organic community garden located in the heart of Sunnyvale–it is located at 433 Charles Street and it’s open to all Sunnyvale residents. Whether you want to till your own plot, help in the group garden, or learn new garden skills and approaches.


Redwood City Coops

Chicken Playhouse –

What do you have to show:

This coop stop has turned high tech with a CoopTender Door and D-link Chickee-cam!

Check out some videos of the egg laying, dirt baths and other chicken activities on their video page at:




The egg plant

Description: 2 coops with in a 36′ X 11′ fully enclosed chicken run, housing 1 Welsummer, 1 Golden sex, 1 Barred rock, 2 Coco Marans and 2 Ameraucana’s.


What is unique about your coop stop.We have had our chickens just over a year, it is a work in progress, as we hope to complete the rest of the garden and have the hens help amend our soil. We allow our hens to have the entire yard only when we are in the yard, as we have had a hawk swoop just a few feet off of the ground. Our hens come when called and will sit to be pet and picked up. We also have dogs who like to go into the coop.




Santa Clara Coops

Hens’s Club of Forge Garden @ Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University’s ½-acre edible, organic garden is a hub for sustainable food system education. Established in 2008, the Forge Garden has committed to serve the campus as a space for course research, service learning, and demonstration of sustainable food production. Forge Garden currently has a chicken coop, four beehives, a 400-square foot greenhouse, a compost center, over 20 fruit trees, over 15,000-square feet of garden beds, a public commons, an outdoor kitchen, cob bench and the 2007 Solar Decathlon House used as an office.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.24.34 PM

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